Digitally Captured Memories

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I can barely remember way back when the Indy car series used to run at Pocono Raceway, but I do remember meeting Mario Andretti there. Unfortunately, I was too young to take photos myself, so I took a photo of the photos I managed to hold on to. I don’t know much about who are in these shots except for the bottom left photo. That is the late Mark Donohue, I wonder who got that autograph?

5 thoughts on “Digitally Captured Memories

  1. I love photos like this, those adorable little squares with the neat white border. My parents have albums full of these from the early 70’s, when I was a wee toddler. Such a nostalgic feel to look at them now (I think that’s why I love Instagram!)

    What year were these taken?


      1. Oh… you know what? I answered that through the dashboard and thought it was for photo of the boats. The old Pocono Raceway photos were taken in 72 or 73 for the ones with the borders, the one without was taken in 79.


      2. Lol! I did wonder as I thought that style of photo had vanished by the 80’s! 72, 73 lines up with the photos I have that are a similar style.


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