The Beauty of Technology

Time lapse photography has long since been a favorite of mine. I’ve attempted several projects, such as, watching a vine grow outside my kitchen window for 2 days and watching myself set up an inflatable pool. Both of these attempts, while successful were very complicated. I have a program on my computer (I run Ubuntu Linux)  called Cheese that can do time lapse, but the computer needs to be carted around and the video is only as good as the web cam. Also, my old Kodak P850 could do time lapse, but it left the task of stitching the photos together up to me.

This past weekend, I found an app called Lapse It for Android that turns your Android device into a little, portable time lapse studio. I went ahead and spent the $1.99 for the Pro version, which unlocks the full potential of your cameras resolution. Next I need a tripod mount for my phone, so I don’t need to use the homemade cardboard & electrical tape stand that I uses for this. This time lapse was captured with my LG Esteem, which has a 5MP camera.

87 thoughts on “The Beauty of Technology

  1. Right on! I’ve always wanted to look into doing time lapse videos but never really get to it. I guess I need to invest a camera first ha. Keep up the good work (:

    I’m an 18 year old blogging his travels and F’ingTW! If you’re interested, stop by and check it out (:


  2. I’ve always wanted to do a time lapse, but have always been too lazy to attempt a project. This looks lovely though! Seems like little dolphins jumping when the clouds start to become visible on the horizon!


  3. yer lofi timelapse has a soul which is lacking in most of the super-HD crystal clear timelapse we have be inundated with in recent years. don’t ever stray from your crooked sight-line!


  4. That is really cool and very beautiful. I had never really heard of this type of photography before. That is a technology that seems great for progression of things, like this sunset. Awesome!


  5. We need more people talking about the role that technology plays in our concepts of beauty–nice work. If you haven’t already (I don’t think I saw it in any previous comments), check out the video at Be sure to use HD and fullscreen–it is one of the best time lapse videos that I’ve seen.


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