Watching a Vine

One of my early time lapse experiments, originally the video was over 5 minutes in length (here’s the original uncompressed version)… but to make it easier to watch I compressed the video to 8x the speed or the original video. This is a good example of how far technology has come for time lapse photography. Now, all I need is my smartphone and an app, for this vine experiment I had to set up my laptop with an external webcam pointed out the window. Luckily I had a program to stitch the frames together.

At the time this was done in September 2010, I had to actually manipulate the coding of the program I used to allow a long enough delay (gotta love Linux). I left my laptop and webcam strewn across my kitchen, and had a LED drop-light set up for the night shots. I left it running for 36 hours, taking a total of 1400 photos.

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