Destroying Perfectly Clean Photographs

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Currently, while I have no access to any decent camera, I’m trying to turn photos shot with my Android phone into something (sort of) worth looking at. My app of choice is called Streamzoo, a very Instagram-ish type of app with a lot more control over the editing of my photos. The above photo is a panoramic shot of South Daytona as seen from the Dunlawton bridge, edited with a filter called Old School.

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Next we have an example of what happens when I get bored. I lined up some thumbtacks, set a mirror behind them, placed a paper towel over my flash to create the fog look and then tweaked the color, brightness and hue, as well as added a border with Streamzoo.

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Another Streamzoo edit is this photo, showing the Dunlawton bridge from it’s north west stairway looking back over the Halifax River towards South Daytona.

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Lastly, we have a picture I took while demonstrating Streamzoo to a friend of mine. This is a photo of the hallway light in their house, again with color and border adjustments made with Streamzoo. I’m including the originals below for reference.

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