Heading Out

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Back in August 2009 I decided at the last minute to spend a couple days camping and kayaking. I had never used my kayak to carry camping gear before so I figured I’d start off easy. I chose two parks that were close to each other… very close. Lake Monroe Park and Gemini Springs Park are connected by a 2.5 mile walking trail and it takes a couple minutes to drive from one to the other, and requires an approximate 6 1/2 mile paddle. It was a perfect trip, if I had issues with my gear I could always leave it in the car, paddle to Gemini Springs and then walk back to the car to get my tent and other gear. Fortunately, I had no problems and was able to make the full 6 1/2 miles loaded up with all my gear.

I spent the first night at Lake Monroe Park, I walked over to Gemini Springs at night and realized I was the only person camping in either park! I awoke early and loaded up my kayak and headed out.

I paddled out of Lake Monroe Park and headed under I-4 into the lake itself. I set up my camera for, what turned out to be one of my favorite pictures of me kayaking.

After paddling along the north end of the lake for a while, I made the turn and crossed back under I-4 into the Debary Bayou which heads to Gemini Springs Park.

After the 6 1/2 mile journey was completed I hiked 3/4 mile into Gemini Springs Park to scout out a camp site, once I found one I liked… I had to go back to the launch and carry my kayak in to the site. The second night there were a few people camping near me, but all in all it was a very relaxing couple of days.

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