Red Sky

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One of my favorite things to do when I just need to get away for a while is kayak. For me, getting to the water before the sun rises has got to be the best. It’s so quiet, all the wildlife if either just getting up, or just going to bed… so you never know what you’ll see. A few years back, I decide to drive out to Edgewater Fl and do some early kayaking… as you can see from the above photo, I was greatly rewarded.

2 thoughts on “Red Sky

  1. That’s great, you must be really, really pleased with that shot. And that feeling when you do something like that, that you’re the only human awake and moving for a long way, very peaceful and kind of adventurous.
    Do you carry your camera in the kayak with you? I think I’d be scared of getting my precious gear wet!


    1. I do carry, usually, a couple cameras with me in the kayak. One of which is an underwater camera in case I get a visit from a manatee or dolphin. Being worried about it is justified, as I dumped my good camera in the ocean not long ago… it wasn’t good.


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