Ghost in the Moon Light

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The night (or should I say early morning) before the Supermoon I decided to go out to the beach and play around with the limited long exposure settings on my little point and shoot. I was able to get some OK pictures of the Moon and Saturn while they were in close proximity, and a couple decent, but distant photos of Mars setting in the west… but I can never resist the chance to make a ghost photo! Ironically, there are reports of a ghostly figure that wanders this particular stretch of the beach.

A couple of months ago, I was heading out to this very same spot early in the morning, around 2-2:30am to catch a glimpse of Venus, Saturn and Jupiter all in the sky together as well as a meteor shower. As I was coming over the dune cross over I encountered a couple standing at the top of the stairs. The man turned to me as I approached and asked “You’re not going out there are you?” I kind of chuckled and replied that it was indeed my intention to head out to the beach. He then, reluctantly advised me that, it may not be the best idea. When I asked why, he told me that while he and his girlfriend were standing their having a smoke, they witnessed what appeared to be a person coming down the beach… now before I continue, I’ll set the scene a bit. The Moon was just setting in the west and was casting some light on the beach from behind the dunes, this particular stretch of beach is a conservation area and therefore no condos allowed, just houses. About a half mile north is a fishing pier and beyond that is the glow of Daytona Beach. The beach itself was fairly narrow as high tide was just ending.

This couple swore to me that they saw a person heading south on the beach, all they could see was a shadowy outline. They say it was clearly visible about 2 blocks away, and then vanished, reappeared about 300 feet from them and then vanished again. The man repeatedly retraced the track of the mysterious figure with his pointed finger, saying it moved faster than a person could walk but didn’t appear to be running it just “…phased in and out, it was creepy”. I’ll be the first to admit that I want to believe in stuff like that, and I’ve seen my fair share of odd and unexplainable things, but in this case I think they simply saw someone riding a bike down the beach with no lights, and they were crossing in and out of the shadows the Moon was casting of the dunes…. but, you never know.

It wasn’t until the next day that a friend of mine who was raised in the area confirmed that there have been numerous stories and reports of a ghost on the beach.

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