The Heron

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Time to take a break from the sun and the moon! All my life, Herons have been present. On the property I grew up on, we had a pond and that pond attracted, among other wild life, Great Blue Herons. I used to love quietly walking out to that pond early in the morning, or late in the evening to a little dirt road that separated our pond from the neighbors. The small trees and shrubs that grew along side of it allowed you to walk right up along side these huge birds… that is of course if you walked very, very slowly and quietly.

Now that I live in Florida, I see these great feathered fisherman all around. Along with the Great Blues, we have Night, Little Blue, Yellow Crowned and Tricolored Herons as well as several kinds of Egrets, which are cousins of the Heron.

This particular Heron I saw at Gemini Springs Park in Debary, Fl a few years ago. I used my, now defunct, Kodak P850. I miss that camera, anyone have a decent mid to upper tier camera they’d like to part with? I can’t take my little point and shoot any more after looking back at the photos I used to grab.

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