The Golden-silk Spider

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If you spend any time outdoors here in Florida, you will run across the Golden-silk Spider. This photo was captured about 2 years ago in Canaveral National Seashore Park, just south of New Smyrna, Florida. There is a trail called Castle Windy Trail, and as I started down the trail I noticed maybe 100 or so of these spiders hanging out overhead.

Their bodies can get up to 1″ in length, though their legs can stretch out much further. They construct very strong webs, strong enough to catch large flying insects. I’ve even read about bats and small birds becoming trapped in the webs as well, which I can believe… I’ve had my hat snatched from my head walking through a Golden-silk Spider’s web. Not too worry though, they are harmless to humans, and seem more interested in getting away from people than biting them. I actually had one take up residence outside my old kitchen window for the summer the year I moved here… it took a little doing to talk the landlords lawn guy into not killing it…. he was terrified, and it was left up up me to weed-whack by the window.

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