The Bullfrog

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Ahh… the Bullfrog. As a child in the summer, I could hear the Bullfrogs at night. Especially when I used to camp out by our pond. Not so long ago I was kayaking near Hontoon Island State Park in a tributary of the St Johns River known as the Huntoon Dead River (the river is spelled with a U for some reason). There is a section that opens up, much like a lake. The day I was out there, there was little boat traffic, so I sat out by the edge of the water… threw my feet up over the side of my kayak and relaxed. After about 20 minutes, the Bullfrogs started croaking. It was so relaxing that I fell asleep for a little while right in my kayak…. reminded me of camping by that little old pond.

The photo above, was taken back in 2004 at Promised Land State Park in Pennsylvania. I was spending the day with some friends and while they were fishing… I was photographing. I touched up the photo a little to post it here just to make it stand out a little more. The photo was captured with my old Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S50. For an older camera, it took great photos!

PS… Happy Mother’s Day, moms!

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