Furry Little Robbers

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Back in May of 2008, I decided to check out DeLeon Springs State Park in DeLeon Springs, Fl. Upon my arrival the first thing I wanted to check out was their kayak launch, and while talking to the man who was running the boat rental shop we noticed a few Raccoons nestled down in the top a the dead tree nearby. I snapped a few pictures and then went to explore their hiking trail.

About an hour later, as I’m hiking through the woods I see 3 little Raccoons dart across the path and up a tree in front of me. I’m not entirely sure they were the same ones, but it is possible. They seemed very curious, and observed more than hid from me. Maybe they just wanted to make sure I got a good look at them.

Photos taken with my Kodak P850.


2 thoughts on “Furry Little Robbers

  1. Cute. Wonder why they were out during the day? We had a raccoon near our house that would walk through our yard every day around 4 p.m. to go to an old tree. Don’t know where he/she was coming from.


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