A Pelican at Cedar Key

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One of my favorite places I’ve been in Florida is Cedar Key, which is located on the Gulf Coast about half way between Tampa and Tallahassee. The waterfront area of the town is lined with restaurants and shops, and a nice sized fishing pier. Honestly, the town… to me at least, looks like where I always imagined Popeye would live… and I mean that in the best possible way.

Above is a Brown Pelican patiently waiting on the fishing pier for an easy meal as he basks in the setting sun. Camera used was my Kodak P850.

2 thoughts on “A Pelican at Cedar Key

  1. I love this shot and I love pelicans. Interestingly your pelican’s look different to the ones I am familiar with here in South Australia. I think I may have some googling to do!


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