Cactus Shots

Shot with my Sony CyberShot DSC-S50

I tried to restore the images from my cactus flower time lapse shoot, but to no avail… they’re gone. I did however take a lot of photos while I was waiting around that night. The above photo is of the large cactus in front of my house, it stands more than 10 feet high. I have been unable to identify the exact species of cactus, although I believe it is a member of the Cereus genus. As I researched it I started leaning towards The Peruvian Apple Cactus, but I need to do more research as many cacti in the Cereus family look similar.

Above you can see this large cactus with many flowers, that are just waiting for the sun to set so they can bloom. Each flower blooms only once, and then dies. Next, the fruit will grow.

Shot with my Kodak M532

This photo was taken on the first night. As you can see, some of the flowers open and some wait for their turns. On the second night, these open flowers did not open… this continues for a few nights in a row until all flowers have opened.

Shot with my Kodak M532

While I was writing this, I stepped outside and snapped this shot… just three days after the first bloom. I’ll have to wait a while for another attempt at this time lapse.

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