Rugged, Foamy Beach

First off today, I’d like to correct a mistake from yesterday’s post. I said that I was shooting with a filter called Tri-Max which is incorrect, I was using Tri-X. My Kodak M532 has two Black and White filters, one called T-Max and the other Tri-X I mistakenly mashed them together. Thanks to unsouthernbelle‘s comment, I realized my error.

Now, on to today. These photos were also shot in Tri-X while I was out yesterday for a little sunrise stroll. Wilbur By The Sea Florida sits on, what is called the Peninsula. On the east is the Atlantic Ocean and on the west is the Halifax River. The Wilbur Boat House sits on Wilbur Bay. The bay is protected from the Halifax by a Mangrove forest. This rugged beach at the boat house is perfect for fishing and launching kayaks and canoes. Yesterday morning, the salty Halifax River and windy conditions left the beach a little foamy.

The Wilbur Boat House as seen from the little beach on Wilbur Bay
A look at Wilbur Bay… it almost looks like the Lock Ness Monster should be popping up here… doesn’t it?

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