Do You Want to Believe?

Photo of whatever flew over my house on 6/10/2012 with an enlarged, sharpened inset to the top right.

On rare occasions do we see bizarre things. On even rarer occasions do we have a camera in hand… and turned on, ready to shoot. Today was one of those days. Here in the Daytona Beach Florida area… right now as I’m typing as a matter of fact, a large thunderstorm is brewing to the west. About 45 minutes ago the sky was an eerie orange, casting a pale, diffused glow over the area. So, I thought… what a great opportunity to go snap a few photos.

As I walked out my front door, powering up my little Kodak M532, I looked up to see what the sky directly above me looked like. To my surprise, passing right over my head was a dark sphere with a lit bottom floating by. I would love to say, it was my imagination, but it was really there. I snapped a couple pictures and quickly realized it was way to dark for my camera to get any good shots, so I walked out the driveway and switched to video mode…

This isn’t the first strange thing I’ve seen in the sky, but it is the first I’ve caught on camera. The skeptic in me wants to say this was nothing more than a Chinese lantern, but there is a part of me that wonders… what if?

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