Kayaking on the Indian River

Sometimes I like to go down to Edgewater, Fl and kayak in the Indian River. On on of my kayak trips I got there early, and since the Indian River is tidal, the water levels fluctuate with the tides. This particular morning a sand bar had formed in the middle of the river and a Pelican and some seagulls decided to take a break on it.

The tidal rivers around here are great for local fishermen and restaurants to catch some crabs. Here is a crab pot I passed by while I was out exploring the mangroves.

Probably for the next few weeks, my posts may be sporadic. I just started a new job, that will help fund my need for a new camera and some lenses. So, I’ll be trying to pick up as many hours as I can, but I’ll try to keep a photo a day when I can, they just won’t be recent until I get a break. Thanks to everyone who follows me and like my photos… I can’t wait to start rolling in new photos for you guys shortly!

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