What is 730? Well, 7:30am is a great time to start hiking or kayaking in the summer. 7:30pm is too late for a big dinner, but the 730 I’m writing of is about days. 730 days since my last post here… that’s a long time between posts. It’s not that I forgot or was being neglectful. I was just busy exploring.

So, I figured maybe it was time to start posting again. The question was…. About what? I originally started this “blog” as a place to post photos and not write much. In the past 730 days though, I’ve been so many great places that “just photos” aren’t always enough. For that reason, I’ve recently started taking my GoPro along with me and filming my adventures. So, my new goal for this blog is to share my adventures with words, pictures and video.

I finally got around to setting up the domain name, this page can now be found by typing in mycrookedlineofsite.com or even more simply crookedsite.com they will both bring you here.

My videos can all be found at my YouTube channel youtube.com/KurtZitzelman or if you don’t want to have to remember how to spell my name you can just enter videos.crookedsite.com and it will redirect you right to my YouTube Channel. If you like my videos, please subscribe!

Google Maps on my phone traces my location (with my permission of course).
Google Maps on my phone traces my location (with my permission of course).

OK, so now that all that is out of the way. I said I was busy exploring, and I really have been. I do work a full time job, but I like to get out and try to make every weekend like a little mini-vacation or take 3 day road trips when possible… or just take off for a week and go see what I can see.

I pulled my GPS data from Google Maps from the past few years (left) and realized just how busy I’ve been.

I’ve been to Gettysburg and walked among the battlefields, I also went just outside of Richmond Virginia and visited the battlefield my great, great grandfather was injured at in the Civil War. I had the opportunity to spend time with the wild horses on Assateague Island and almost had a young Bald Eagle land on my head while kayaking. Right now my favorite trip has been my 8 day road trip through New England, especially my 3 days at Acadia National Park, but there’s been so much more.

To get things started I’ll leave you with a video from this past weekend. Just to set the scene a bit, in north east Pennsylvania where I live it’s been a warm winter, so warm in fact I camped on New Year’s Eve and kicked off kayaking season a week ago. This past Saturday 4.2.16 it was in the upper 40’s to low 50’s, but a snow storm was blowing in (note: there was snow and ice the next morning), but I got out and paddled anyway… I had the entire lake to myself. Keep an eye out for the startled beaver. Things I saw that didn’t get filmed… a school of striped bass and a bald eagle catching a fish.  Make sure you’re watching in HD! Enjoy.

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