Ziplining in the Catskills

There is a video of this adventure at the bottom of this page.

Should you be looking for an adventure in the north east, well anywhere really, might I suggest — ziplining!!! Now, anyone who knows me is probably aware that I have battled a fear of heights my entire life. As a child, if I thought a building was too tall, I’d have a hard time walking up the stairs…. indoors!

Over the years though, I have found ways to push my boundaries. At first, just to be functional in the world, it’s difficult going through life avoiding structures over 2 stories. Last year, I hiked the Beehive Trail in Acadia National Park, a near vertical climb 525 feet to the summit, that hike “broke” whatever it was in my head that was holding me back. So, this year I decided I wanted to zipline. What better way to do that than on the fastest, longest and highest zipline in North America… the Skyrider Tour at Hunter Mountain, NY.

Check out New York Zipline Adventure Tours

2D9DFAE1847CBD79F862D5E397E785CE-01I grabbed the GoPros and a friend and headed to Hunter NY. We were shuttled to the top of the mountain in a big army-looking truck, took the zipline training and headed to the first platform!

A81BE9DB9B1909E84BB8CD371914B1B3-01I say, first platform, because this isn’t just 1 zip and then you’re done. No, this is 5 ziplines that zig-zag down the mountain! The first zipline is the biggest, it’s over 3200 feet long and 650 feet above the ground and you reach speeds over 50 MPH!

CD66F61304CFD9BBF8B4B1A4AAD287F2-01I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit nervous as we stood there looking 1/2 mile across the valley and realizing we were going to fly there! Especially considering that you have to run off the platform willingly! To my surprise though, I was more excited than nervous, and when our guide shouted Zip Away!!! I didn’t hesitate at all.

IMG_20160528_201410_01All 5 of the ziplines had different aspects to them, different angels, speeds and styles. The views were incredible and our tour guides were great. When we reached the end of the tour, I was pretty disappointed that there would be no more zipping that day, but it was an incredible experience. I can’t wait to go back an give it another go, next time might be in the winter per one of our guides suggestions. They run the ziplines year round!

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