2016 Wrap Up

The end of the year is always so hectic, with holidays and weather pecking away at spare time. It feels like I just posted about returning to Overlook Mountain last week.. but it was in October! So, here is what I’ve been up to.

Another Maine Road Trip

In 2015 I did a solo October New England road trip, and loved every second of it. In 2016 I wanted to return to Maine and spend more time in Acadia National Park. At first, I planned on going with a friend of mine. That fell through, so I started planning another solo trip. After I had the planning started my sister asked if she could come along, of course I said yes and we started getting her prepared for the trip. Then my friend, who couldn’t go – found out he could go. So, 3 of us went. Spent 1 day in Portland, 5 days in Acadia and 1 day in Vermont. It was a great time.


Local Exploring

I also spent time looking at local areas to do some “quick trip” backpacking in the future. I explored a couple sections of the Thunder Swamp Trail in the Delaware State Forest. I also got a couple car camping trips in at Ricketts Glen State Park, a place I’ve been to several times but never had camped. As well as, visits to Promised Land and Prompton State Parks.


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