Waterfall Hunting

It’s been an interesting year already, especially when it comes to the weather. I was 4 hours south in Virginia in January and it was colder there then back home in north east Pennsylvania. 2 weeks ago I was backpacking in the Delaware State Forest and the temperature got down to 19F overnight, but by the time we got back to the car a few hours later it was 50F! Last weekend it was 76F on Friday and we had a tornado hit nearby on Saturday. This weekend lows in the single digits with it getting near 60 by mid week.

None of that stops me though, I always have that urge to get outside and at least scout potential spots for future trips. This weekend I randomly found myself back in the Pinchot State Forest at the Thornhurst Tract with no particular plans. Along Choke Creek we have heard about some waterfalls but never knew where they were. We’ve tried a few times to locate them but were never close. A few weeks ago while hiking the Choke Creek Trail we ran into an older couple driving down the forest road who offered us a ride back to the car, part of the Pinchot Trail System uses the forest roads. We declined the ride, but had a very nice conversation with the couple. The gentleman knew these woods well and pointed us in the right direction to find the falls.

Keep in mind, these aren’t lost falls or anything and with enough searching on the internet they could have been found easily. But, that defeats the purpose of getting out and exploring.

Check out the short video from the hike below.

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