When Unsure… Head Upstream

Last Saturday was another day without a plan. I wanted to go somewhere new, but as I mentioned last week it gets increasingly difficult to find new places close to home. I thought I had found 2 new lakes to paddle, but found out last minute the the larger of the two, Lake Minsi, has recently been drawn down for dam repair… like a lot of other man-made lakes in the area. Since it was over a hour drive to get there, I decided to abandon that plan considering that only one, relatively small lake was now accessible.

My friend suggested nearby Fords Lake, a spot that I have driven by many times and never realized it had a boat ramp or was publicly accessible. So we drove up to Clarks Summit and checked it out. I was pleasantly surprised.

(more after video)

After Fords Lake, we decided it was time for some lunch and wound up back in Tunkhannock were we ate at the Downtown Deli, great little spot by the way. After lunch and while we were right next to it, we decided to go try our luck in the Susquehanna River. I say “try our luck” because we have had a lot of rain this summer, so there was a lot of water in the river. We headed up river, just in case the current got too strong we could coast back to the launch. Good thing we did, because about a 1/4 mile up river we hit much stronger current and had a very difficult time paddling against it. Always better safe than sorry, although a can see a multi day river trip in the future.

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