You may have noticed a change recently… and really, that’s kind of normal here. This site has changed many times over the years. It started way back in 2001 as zitzelman.com a place for myself and my family to stay connected before things like Facebook were really being used. A few years later it changed to zitzelman.net… my own personal page where I talked about photography and my music. A few years after that, it became mycrookedlineofsight.com and then mycrookedlineofsite.com where I focused more on photography and the world from my point of view and then photography and the outdoors.

In the past few years it came back around to zitzelman.com and was meant to be a companion to my YouTube Channel, but in the limited confines of what I can do with my WordPress plan… and WP skills it has suffered and mostly been an aggregator for my YouTube video releases and Instagram posts.

So, welcome back zitzelman.net! It will stay as an aggregator for my YT and IG with maybe some occasional direct posts from myself. If you are interested in my outdoor adventures like backpacking, hiking, kayaking and other adventures check out the new zitzelman.com that will be the official companion site to Kurt Zitzelman Outdoors. Somewhere I can make a more interactive experience for you.

Oh… and if you like the gear I use by Hemlock Mountain Outdoors (https://hemlockmountainoutdoors.com) stop by and check it out. I am the owner of HMO and would be happy to get you setup with some awesome outdoor gear!

Kurt Zitzelman

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